Average membership tier breakdown percentages?


I am working on new co-working space (old catholic grade school) that consists of 12 classrooms and an auditorium and a church

I like the easy-to-understand tiers of bronze/silver/gold and I plan to use this in my model. Given that the total of all membership types will be 100%, what have been some of the more typical percentages between the different tiers, it is mostly bronze, or mostly silver? Can anybody share their breakdowns (ie 60%,30%,10%)


It changes from space to space, but you will find mine in coworkinghandbook.com

I just downloaded the new Global Coworking Survey for 2016 that just came out. I highly recommend you check it out because it has a lot of good information about this. It breaks it down by cities, dedicated desks, employment types, etc.

First off, I would get to know the people that would be / are most interested in the space, understand the price points and demand in your area, and run a few business models. Plus, you need to know how involved you or your community manager will be in the space and with the community.

My space, Creative Density, is 85% shared spaces (desks, hallways, kitchen, conference rooms, etc) and 15% private offices. Our community is mostly remote workers and freelancers so dedicated offices aren’t what our cup of tea at this location. My second location is completely flipped with mostly dedicated desks and offices. I don’t spend much time there and it is mostly for small businesses that want a quiter space than the more traditional coworking space. I designed the space this way because I couldn’t dedicate the time to do another traditional coworking space but people kept asking me for it.

Please think about all of these things (your community, business model, involvement, demand) when making these decisions.