Are you offering a Black Friday / Cyber Monday Coworking Special?

Through the years (and by running a lot of events and classes) we’ve built our email database to 4,000+ recipients, but really never ran any kind of Coworking promotion to the general database.

After opening our second location in Palm Coast (Florida) last year, we decided to get a special out there for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a temporary membership special through the end of the year, which discounts the Coworking membership fee by 80%.

So, few questions:

  • Have you ever run any such specials?
  • If so, did a lot of folks buy them?
  • How was conversion to general membership as a result?

I’m also seeking feedback on the content we’re putting out there. Here’s the landing page for the special we will run for Black Friday: (and we’ll get another one out there also for Cyber Monday).

Thank you,

Ky Ekinci

Office Divvy

@KyEkinci | @OfficeDivvy