Anyone using Acuity?

Hi all! New here, currently building out our new space, hoping to open this spring. We’re researching software for the backend and have looked at Nexudus but it seems…clunky. Our trial was a mess and opened us up to a lot of spam. I’m wondering if we can get by with Acuity, initially at least? It seems really intuitive and clean, and integrates nicely with squarespace…

coworking is only one facet of our space, there will also be a heavy focus on photostudio for rent and event/workshop space. So we need a platform to onboard members, sell tickets, book time…

Anyone go that route?

I am SO glad you asked as I have the EXACT same question, needing to be able to have workshop leaders schedule their classes, workshops, etc.
Looking forward to hearing about Acuity as that is what I am look at as well.

Thanks much!!


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Hi Abby. Congrats on your new space in Ann Arbor. It sounds like it’s going to be amazing. I wish I knew what I know now about Nexudus. I tried a bunch of other demos and decided that Nexudus had the highest consistent ranking by owners so it must mean it’s the best. I struggle with it every day. I’m also new at the coworking game, we opened in September and I chose a platform before I had members, figuring I could tool around in it and figure things out. But now I have members and I’m afraid to switch. I’m not that tech savvy and everything takes me a lot longer to learn than the average person (it seems). I have two small businesses coming in January and February (each with over 10 people). I could make the switch to something else, but I’m nervous. Here’s what I would do for myself if I could do it over. I would chose exactly what you say you’re looking into, a software that’s intuitive and clean. I don’t think I need all the options that Nexudus offers. I’m still trying to figure out the right thing to do. Let us all know what you decide to chose. And good luck!!!

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We’re using Acuity for member & non-member meeting room scheduling and payment as well as booking tours/daypasses. I’m just now looking at how to set up “your membership comes with xxx minutes of meeting room time each month” and not have to manually reset things (I think a $0 subscription will do it). And, there’s Zapier integration to make other magical things happen.

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We currently use Acuity for booking tours and new member orientations, and it works great! We use Office RND now for meeting room bookings, but I would recommend holding off on a big coworking software package as long as you can! When you are smallish and starting out, you really don’t need a lot of fancy tech to manage your space. The reason we eventually added RND was more for the reporting and analytics… members generally could care less about what tech you use as long as their experience is easy and seamless.

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thank you all for the input! super helpful. We are also looking at smpl: It was created by the founders of hygge cowork spaces and looks pretty awesome! I just worry with acuity, that we could make it work, but we’d be “bending” it to do what we need, whereas with smpl it’s designed more for this specific platform. It’s s new-ish software but they seem to be updating frequently. We are still demo’ing and building out website but i’ll keep everyone updated!!

Excellent topic and such a great answers by experts. Thank you for sharing with us.I am sure other users will benefit from you taking the time to write this up.

As a space founder that couldn’t find what I was looking for, I ended up launching my own.

Choosing the right technology can be a tough process (although I don’t think it needs to be). Focus on what is going to not only make your experience better, but especially what is going to make your member experience better. That typically does not mean a clunky, complicated system. Other things to look for - what are your goals with the space (is it growing, is it managing events & conf rms, day passes, etc)? Look for systems that do that well for you.

There are also a few really great resources out there that have been updated recently that give an overview of a bunch of the products out there:

For full disclosure, I co-founded Jellyswitch

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