Answering the “Should our coworking space use off-the-shelf software, no software or build our own?” question

Whenever I get asked this question (and it’s often) I usually share an array of questions that help the decision-maker to explore the process.

Last night I typed them out and made them available via my blog.

tl;dr - I look at some of the challenges you’d need to consider in deciding which route to take, namely in the “Tech Chops”, “Core Differentiation”, “Data Portability” and “Your Team’s Time” spheres of thought.

Figured they may be useful to folks having to answer/ask this question over the next few months.

Please do let me know what you think, if you have any other questions/tips to add, or if/why you whole-heartedly disagree with any points I’ve shared.

Thank you all for being so inspiring!