Announcing the Italian Coworking Survey (2018)

Hallo everybody,
I’m a co-founder of GODESK, a coworking in Potenza, South of Italy. It’s a very small community, very active though.

Struggling to survive in a peripheral town and concerned by the lack of data about coworking movement in Italy, few months ago we decided to launch a survey in order to collect data on small coworking spaces in South Italy.

However, we got a little bit carried away with the idea and now we are ready to launch a comprehensive national survey on coworking spaces based on the great job done by the Global Coworking Survey in these years.

We’re very excited to announce in few days the first ITALIAN COWORKING SURVEY - ed 2018.

It’s a non-profit and open initiative, we hope our fellow italian and you all will support.

As for the survey roadmap, this is the link to the draft survey home (sorry in Italian only at the moment). Next we’ll launch a three months collecting data period. Then we will analyse the data and share them among the participants. Finally, we will spread results and insights to the public in first term of 2018.

Before that, we would like to collect suggestions, tips and other feedback on the initiative. What do you think about that?

Further more we are looking also for the support of:

  • coworking spaces and other organisations in Italy willing to help with the spreading the survey across the Country and collecting as many responses as possible

  • researchers who would contribute in analysing and presenting the data

  • sponsors who want support somehow our initiative and our efforts in the coming months

If you are one of these please don’t esitate to contact me

Thank you all

Michele Lo Russo

GoDesk Coworking and Innovation Space

Potenza, ITALY


[email protected]