Amount of software in order to run a space

I’m trying to get a grasp on the average amount of software a coworking spaces uses. I’m currently consulting for a company and am proposing similar setups I’ve done in the past, but they think it’s too much and would rather have an all-in-one solution. I think if I can find a market standard to present to them, it would help them see that the integrations I’m proposing are fairly standard.

For reference, I’m proposing; Nexudus, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Stripe, Ezeep, Zapier, Kisi, GSuite, Square, Hellosign.

At radius we have 10k sqft, 150 members, 2 staff + owner (me).
Our Software:
• SquareSpace
• Stripe
• QuickBooks Online
• GSuite
• Customized Google Sheet as our CRM and Budget Forecasting
• Trello for project management, task tracking, and documentation

Heya dillin and welcome to the forum.

I think there’s no ‘right amount’ of software to run any space anywhere, as there’s a lot of variables, nuances and preferences.

I think the main question to ask is if you want flexibility or a 1-stop-shop. There are def pros/cons to both.

I’m a huge advocate for using the best tools to provide the best possible experience to both your team and your members. Using a tight network of solutions also means you have flexibility to change/upgrade/swap ‘broken’ pieces of the puzzle in response to internal and external events.

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