Ahoy! is Moving Party

Dear sailors of Ahoy!

This year Ahoy! is celebrating 4 years of coworking, fun, table tennis tournaments, productivity & networking and kicking it off with moving to a new space in Mitte!

Come say goodbye to Ahoy! in Charlottenburg and join us for a moving out party on 30th of July, starting at 6PM! Celebrate in a proper sailor manner, with nice people, food, drinks, good music, and a live exhibition in the making from our special guests, visual artists Katharina Siegel and Nika Fontaine.

On the spot, Katharina will create a collage with a spatial atmosphere out of magazine images, enlarging them to the matter’s original proportions. Creating a feeling of integration for the beholder or better yet, producing the room within the image, she will reduplicate the idea of a space that is going to become alive. Diametrical to Katharina’s, Nika’s paintings named Color Fields will be, changing the beholders position or light of the Field, creating areas of change and movement, charged with energy, sparkling colors, reflecting different contents in one art piece.

So, throw away your anchor and join Ahoy! on it’s last sail in Charlottenburg and be sure to get your one out of 70 tickets at Eventbrite! All sailors will receive a 50% discount coupon for a monthly coworking ticket at the new Ahoy! space.

Tripling the networking, coworking and last but not least the fun, the new Ahoy! which will open it’s doors on the 1st of September, will be three times bigger and will be located at Wattstraße 11, 13355 Berlin Mitte. You can check more details of the #NewAhoy space in the attachment, get more information at www.ahoyberlin.com and join us or just ask your questions at [email protected]!

See you soon!


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Liebe Grüße
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