After 8 years no more coworking at co.up. It was a bigger success than ever imagined

“We prefer doing a few things very well over doing everything in a mediocre way.”

Amen, and lots of respect for this tough decision. From reading the comments it's clear that the community you've built will live on, and has had a huge impact on Berlin.

I'm thankful to have had an opportunity to visit co.up myself way back when CoworkingEurope conference was I'm Berlin.

Thanks for all you've shared, and I'm glad to know that this is more of a metamorphosis than a goodbye :slight_smile:



On Sep 15, 2017, 7:05 PM -0400, Thilo Utke <[email protected]>, wrote:

Hi there,

I mostly read silently here. But I like to share this. We decided to shut down our coworking offer. In short we realized with the growing team of cobot we couldn't give so much attention to our coworkers and the space anymore. So we end it while its good as we don't want to do half measures.

You can read more details in our blog.

I will stay committed to coworking and especially the people that build and nurture the communities because I experienced its life changing effects first hand.

Coworking 4ever <3


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