A "best of" category?

Just throwing this idea out to everyone to see what they think. I have been re-categorizing conversations and realizing that some of them are absolute gems. Could we have a “best of” category? Or is that too subjective? It might be too subjective.

Just a thought. Things that stick out to me as good qualifiers are vibrant conversations (including healthy disagreements), or when there is absolutely valuable feedback shared.

What do y’all think?


I like this! Perhaps such a designation could be subject to more stringent moderation, so there’s an added layer of curation to what gets added?

A couple of ideas for this, because I also think this is a really good idea.

  1. We could have a sticky post that is wiki-style, and allows multiple contributors (who are moderators and/or trusted regular contributors) to the top post.
  2. Discourse technically has tags, too. I don’t have them enabled right now for simplicity, but it wouldn’t be too hard to create a “best of” tag.

I’m kinda leaning towards option 1 since that thread’s comments could be used for discussion & submitting new threads to best-of, which would be more transparent than simply adding a tag.

Another tool that might not be obvious is this button, which allows you to create PERSONAL bookmarks as you browse the site (for easier reference later).

Maybe for now, add those threads to your own bookmarks (I def have some of my own I’ve added) and we can round up peoples’ bookmarks later to start a best-of category? I have a report in the back end where I can see what posts have gotten bookmarks, hearts, etc.

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I like Option 1 as well and think it would be great to encourage people to bookmark things, for their own purposes and for our edification.

Great stuff!

Thanks you two!

I’ll definitely start using the bookmark feature for now to save the threads I think are super valuable.

I’m not sure I totally understand Option 1 that you list out there, @alex - can you help me understand what you mean a a little bit better?

Thanks again,

Sure @nomadicq!

Basically, we create a post that gets pinned somewhere visible (maybe under house rules, to REALLY encourage people to read the best-of thread).

Wherever that thread lives, the top post is a list of threads with brief descriptions, maybe categorized a bit too. In the comments below that thread, anyone can suggest a thread for the best-of.

Assuming it’s actually high-value, anyone who is a moderator is able to go into the top content of the post and add that new thread to the list. Discourse lets you make top posts “wiki-mode” which is just like the coworking wiki in that with the right permissions, anyone can edit/update it.

Does that make sense?

YES. Thank you so much! That does sound like a great idea. I’m in support!

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