6000 sqft space

Hello. I am new to the co-working space. I have a 6,000 ft building with approximately 1500 square feet of outdoor space. I am trying to figure out what an effective amount of users per square foot would be for this industry. Also I would appreciate any useful information to help me get started in this space.

Where is your property located?

On the west edge of Chicago in a very fast growing suburb called Oak Park.

Regarding effective amount of users, it all depends on the number of working space per one person. I mean, one person equal one working desk. There are many types of different working desks, it is all depends on the model and design. Some of them are large, some are small, but counts the working space.
Plus, now you should take into consideration the required distance of 1,5m between each working desk which may decrease the number of users.

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