10 predictions for coworking in 2020 - how to make the best of it

Summary of some of our thoughts in regards to market / new user segments born out of this crisis as well as coworking predictions for 2020!

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Appreciate your thoughts and insights! I am curious as to the old model membership make up and the predicted new model: are the charts based on data or just hypothesizing? I didn’t think the current membership model was a bell-curving where in freelancers make up bulk of the membership. And I find it surprising if virtual members would make up a decent bulk in the new model (I have no doubt the corporate tenants would, but not sure about virtual, I just don’t see the value).

Thank you again for your thoughts!

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Yeah good points! I think there is data around flex spaces vs private office space in shared spaces but everyone does it a little different. Definitely no numbers on virtual memberships or day passes to our knowledge, that’s why we showed a rather extreme chart to make people think about if it could be that way in the future.