Looking for communication tools (international space in Fuengirola, Málaga, Spain)

Hi all coworking colleauges

Looking forward to sharing ideas and tips regarding the management of a coworking space. We have been running our office space for about 2 years and we have a nice community of different nationalities (Scandinavian, British and Spanish and more) mainly long term coworkers.
It is quite small as we have 23 office desks only separated in two offices and shared meeting and networking rooms, terrace.
For communication we use E-mail and WhatsApp but are looking for any other software for communication or sharing of knowledge. Could be Trello or Slack but I am not sure.

Any recommendations for an easy tool to use for all coworkers?


Best regards from the south of Spain
Tina Kok
The Cowork Spot

Hello Tina,

Sounds like a nice community you have :slight_smile:

Well, for our community of 120 coworkers, we never fail at communication with our Slack. We have a few channels like introductions, announcements, internal events, external events, looking-for, etc. And it’s been pretty successful.

Apart from that, we have an internal weekly newsletter for our management team to announce some events or news, it’s been well received so far!

If your community tends to have projects together, Trello would be a good choice. However, I find that teams only use it for internal communications between each other.

Hope that helps in a way!