Hi! Its Nicole from Deskpass & Second Shift 👋🏼

Hi Friends!

Introducing myself as co-founder of Deskpass, a multi-city coworking membership service. I am also co-founder of Second Shift, a neighborhood coworking space and community building planning and training agency (located in Chicago).

I’ve visited 300+ workspaces and know that each space is unique - its a beautiful thing! As such, I’m on a mission for everyone to experience the ZEN of finding the workspace that best fits THEIR individual workspace needs.

Coworking and Community is my jam, and I could talk about either all day long :nerd_face:

I’m always happy to be a resource, or a sounding board for my industry peers, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Hi Nicole, super new to the community myself. Community is my jam too.

I am located in a rural area outside San Diego and I am currently in the beginning phase of taking my overall community and bringing a business conversation to it, to create the foundation for our coworking community. I am particularly sparked by your community building planning and training agency - part of your introduction.

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