Free Unifi Training

I know this is a frustrating and scary time for so many of us but one silver lining is this is an excellent time to apply system updates and make network configuration changes. For anyone who has a Unifi system and is interested in learning how to administer their network remotely, I’m happy to walk you through it. We can go through your settings together and I can teach you a few best practices and automation tools. If we are going to be stuck at home we might as well be productive.

If you want to brush up on what the various components are we have a network primer that will get you up to speed on things:

Let me know if you want to take me up on this and we can schedule a zoom call. I might be in my PJs and I might have a baby on my lap but that’s a sign of the times eh? If you don’t have a Unifi system or you just want to talk shop, I’m happy to do that too.


Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your offer.

In my little knowledge of Network stuff, I have to admit I have no Clue what you are talking about. I tend to not be afraid to say I do not know. But I know there are many people that might not and instead perhaps you might just hear Crickets* as in Silence.

My thought is if you perhaps can just schedule a Zoom session, post the link here, give a **lay man or lay woman simple understandable description of what this is about. This way those that want to or even want to know or learn what this is about can jump on the call.

I think this might get be helpful.

Thank you for your understanding.