Finding Reasonable Insurance required by Co-working operator

Hi - I just secured a co-working desk in Westchester County, NY and am required to provide a COI. I have a single desk, no office equipment or staff and have received insurance quotes for $647 and $740 which seem outrageous to me. I’ve read prior discussions in the group and understand that a lot of agents aren’t familiar with the co-working concept. That said, I’d welcome any recommendations for agents who do understand the co-working model and could provide reasonable quotes. Thanks in advance! Enjoy the day!

These guys have done several coworking insurance deals. They understand the concept and are happy to jump on the phone to figure out exactly what you need.

Just a point of reference, my insurance is $550 a year using Hartford Insurance. I have used it once when my car was broken into and they took my laptop and bag. It was easy to make the claim. I have never had to use it for the actual coworking space.

Thank you!


Susan Murphy
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I think you are looking for renter’s insurance. A quick call to your home or car insurance agent should help you add this to your current policy. My members pay less than $10/mo to cover their things left in my space in the event of disaster or theft.

I am also thankful to you keep updating it.