Converting event attendees to members

Hi All,

I’m thinking of ways to turn event attendees into members. I offered my space for free to meetups and non profits with the intention of showing off the space and gaining members. What have you all done to make that happen? I have some ideas, but I’d love to hear others! Thanks!

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Hi Mona,
For most events, we will give a quick pitch about the space and community before introducing the speaker. We also offer tours immediately following events, which can be very helpful. We’ve had some success giving out free day passes. And definitely make sure they register somehow so you can send a follow up email!

I’d love to hear things others are doing!

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We let members host meetups & events in our space, and encourage it! We also frequently will donate space for non-profits, art shows, etc.

One thing that we do is encourage RSVPs through the event listing on our own platform. When someone signs up for an event, they are also creating a very simple account with us instead of something like facebook, meetup, or eventbrite.

In can take several interactions with your space, community, & brand before someone will convert, but events are a really great way to add positive touchpoints.

This is great for a few reasons:

  • we can track who is coming to our building (which I like for security)
  • event attendees engage with both our physical space & our digital one
  • there is one less step to signing up for a paid membership

Instead of free, we offer 50% to registered non-profits on our meeting rooms. We have offered free meeting rooms to meetups that either we want to attend, or we see a direct connection to our space or members. Generally speaking, they haven’t turned into members.

Our 50% off is a way to give back to the community, and as I said, the meetups are ones we’d want to attend anyway. We’re ok with that.

Very occasionally we’ll get a member a year down the road that came through one of these events.