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Looking for 5 volunteers to get started on categorization

happy wednesday, @migration-squad :slight_smile: A couple of days ago I posted instructions on how to actually go through - step by step - and start categorizing posts from the archive. But I realized that it’s a lot t…

13 March 19, 2019
TODOs - a living post of what's being worked on

Delegate inviting/onboarding Document/screencast inviting & onboarding new members Recruit onboarding team (1-2 people to start, maybe more?) Set up discourse thread for requesting username merges. Categorize arc…

2 March 11, 2019
Learn how to help categorize the archive 3 March 17, 2019
Testing @message for the migration squad & next steps 6 March 11, 2019
About the Ways you can help category 2 March 17, 2019